Month: June 2004

Portable Building Movement Considered to Be Demolition by SJVAPCD

Attached to this Notice are two letters from SJVAPCD and one letter from HMS, Inc. to APCD. All of these letters concern the movement of portables buildings from one site to another, or from one location at a site to

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Third Wave of Asbestos Victims

There is anecdotal evidence gathered from conversations with industry experts that respiratory non-compliance among Latino asbestos abatement workers in California does occur, but this information does not appear to be documented in the asbestos literature. Is this important? Should clients,

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Three-Year Reinspections Due

The EPA-mandated “Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act” (AHERA) regulation, which went into effect in 1987, required an initial inspection of all K-12 school facilities, with reports completed by July of 1989. Many school districts submitted asbestos management plans in 1988,

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Playground Safety

Millions of children throughout the country enjoy playgrounds every day of the year. Whether at school, the neighborhood park, or at a local fast food chain, kids all have one common goal-HAVING FUN! It’s pretty much a sure bet that

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How to Grow Mold … And How to Prevent It!

Everyone has heard of the situation where a building surface has been wetted by water intrusion (leaky pipe, damaged roof, misguided sprinklers) and mold growth has developed. This usually leads to a mold remediation exercise where mold contaminated surface materials

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