About Us

HMS, Inc. – Established in 1984 by Jim Sharp, Sr.

Barbara and Jim Sharp

Founders: Barbara and Jim Sharp

While working for Cal/OSHA’s Consultation branch in the early 1980’s, Jim saw the need to help school districts and other building owners with the asbestos-containing materials existing in their buildings.

Jim started HMS, Inc. as an asbestos consulting and removal company. For two years HMS, Inc. conducted asbestos removal. In 1987, when the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) was issued – splitting the asbestos industry into consultants and contractors – HMS, Inc. chose to pursue consulting, only. HMS, Inc.’s clientele from 1986 through the mid-1990’s was 75 to 80 percent comprised of school districts. Since the mid-1990’s, HMS, Inc. has expanded its clientele to include hospitals, government agencies (from utility districts to the Federal Government), large and small private building owners, construction management firms, general contractors, architects, oil companies and many more.

Mike and Eileen Sharp

Mike (CEO / Dir. of Training) and Eileen Sharp

HMS, Inc. provided instructors to UC Berkeley’s Asbestos and Lead courses for the 29 years of that program’s existence. Jim Sharp was one of the initial AHERA instructors at UC Berkeley and helped to design the original course materials. Soon after Mike Sharp acquired the company in 2001. HMS, Inc. became an accredited and certified training provider, and currently is accredited by Cal/OSHA, California Department of Public Health and the Federal EPA to provide asbestos and leadcourses. HMS, Inc. conducts these training classes and provides presenters for conferences throughout California, Nevada, and New Mexico and occasionally in other parts of the country and internationally.  Mike served as director of UC Berkeley’s asbestos and lead training programs in 2015 and 2016.

Over the years, HMS, Inc. has added lead, mold, PCBs, and various other hazardous materials consulting to the services it offers.