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Asbestos Cement Pipe(Cal-OSHA accredited)

To request a course for your employees or organization members, please contact Kathy at (661) 368-9881.

California requires all contractors or employers who engage in asbestos-related work involving 100 square feet or more of asbestos-containing material to register with the Cal-OSHA Asbestos Contractors’ Registration unit. Those engaged in cement-pipe work can be exempted from this requirement if their employees take this four-hour course.

Students learn what asbestos is, where it is found, when it is dangerous, and how to avoid disturbing it (the same content that is covered in the two-hour Asbestos Awareness course). In addition, they become familiar with OSHA regulations and safer work practices that specifically apply to the disturbance of asbestos-cement pipe. Trainees who are CDPH-certified in water distribution receive two hours of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) safety credit for completing this course.

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