Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors (CDPH, EPA)

Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors (CDPH, EPA)

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These courses meet the training requirements for California Department of Public Health Certified Lead-related construction Inspectors and Risk Assessors.  Initial courses also meet training requirements for EPA Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor certifications.

Note: We have been given permission to offer Refresher courses (Continuing Education for Certified Lead Professionals — NOT initial certification courses) as online webinars as long as Coronavirus emergency restrictions are in place. If you are signed up for a refresher, and those restrictions are in place for the date of the course, you will be sent login information for the webinars.  We will still have to schedule an in-person session for hand-on assessments and the end of class test, once restrictions are lifted, to complete the course. If the restrictions are lifted by the date of the course, it will be held in person at the location indicated. We appreciate your patience as we adjust to this ever-changing situation. 

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