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Mold Remediation Supervisors and Workers

To request a course for your organization’s members or employees, please contact Kathy at (661) 368-9881.

This class is designed for both those just starting to learn about mold and those who have been handling mold for years. It covers regulations that apply to remediation work and the work practices necessary to conduct mold remediation in a safe and cost-effective fashion. You learn how to clean up mold growth and prevent future mold intrusion in ways that are both safe and legal. You learn how to determine when mold can be cleaned from surfaces and when building components need to be removed and replaced. You discover how many building owners and contractors can save money by avoiding unnecessary (useless) mold sampling – and when sampling is necessary (useful).  You learn state-of-the-art approaches for containment of your work area and remediation of mold, and how to protect yourself from other construction hazards (asbestos, lead, silica, PCBs, etc.) when handling mold.

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