New EPA Asbestos Risk Assessment Process under review

The regulatory environment for asbestos professionals is changing. Anyone performing asbestos inspections, preparing management plans, monitoring compliance or addressing asbestos hazards should be aware of these changes and the potential for input on requirements that may affect our work. 

In June 2017, the EPA published a Scope of Risk Evaluation for Asbestos in response to the TSCA § 6(b)(4) requirement to establish a risk assessment process for various chemical substances, including asbestos. The Agency has now published and is taking comments on a Problem Formulation Document in an effort to refine the conditions of use, exposures and hazards defined, and conceptual models and analysis plans that describe how EPA expects to evaluate the risk for asbestos. 

The EPA is taking comments on the Problem Formulation until July 26, 2018 at this link. 

There will be a lot to discuss in our upcoming asbestos professional classes! Follow the links above for details, and feel free to reach out to HMS, Inc. with your concerns.