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HMS, Inc. is seeking  a conscientious, collaborative manager for our Bakersfield Branch operations.

Duties of the Branch Manager will include:

  • Managing up to three technicians in field operations
  • Creating inspection and oversight proposals for established clients and developing new clients within the greater Bakersfield area
  •  Providing project oversight for the remediation of hazardous materials as part of renovation, demolition, and maintenance activities
  •  Coordinating operations with clients, employees, contractors, and staff from other company offices to meet logistical and regulatory requirements
  • Performing other duties as required to develop staff, grow client base, strengthen and maintain corporate operations and fulfill the company’s mission.

The ideal candidate will possess:

  • California Certified Asbestos Consultant or Site Surveillance Technician certification, or equivalent education and experience*
  • Experience performing hazardous materials inspections, project monitoring, or abatement work
  • Ability to prioritize, multi-task and see diverse projects through to completion
  • Professional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Excellent work ethic, demonstrated reliability and planning ability
  • Construction background
  • Comfort with computerized data programs; mastery of Word, Outlook, and Excel
  • Ability to work independently, supervise, and contribute effectively to non-hierarchical teams
  • Reliable transportation with valid insurance and driver license
  • Must be able to pass a physical and background check prior to employment
  • *If not fully certified, must be on track, able and willing to complete training and pass tests required for state Asbestos and Lead certifications


To apply, send resume and cover letter to:


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CDPH Lead and REHS classes now available

HMS, Inc. has been expanding its asbestos and lead training program, with several exciting recent developments.

  • Instructors from the Lead and Asbestos training program formerly housed at UC Berkeley’s Center for Occupational and Environmental Health have joined our training team.
  • We have received CDPH and EPA approval to offer courses for certified lead professionals. 
  • We have also been approved by CDPH as an Accreditation Agency for Registered Environmental Health specialists, so our courses can now be used for REHS ce units. 

It’s all part of our commitment to providing the most accurate and practical training in hazardous materials management available. 

View our training page for courses that are currently scheduled, and check back for more courses to come. 

HMS expands AHERA training to Bay Area

HMS now has confirmed expanding their training to be conducted in Hayward, CA.  We are currently working on posting our 2017 calendar for all Initial and Refresher AHERA courses.  For more information contact us at

Update: Course calendar can be found here.

Architects and Design Professionals Haz Mat Hidden Liability – Whitepapers

Architects and Design Professionals Haz Mat Hidden Liability

Architects and Design Professionals Haz Mat Hidden Liability Condensed

Inspector Assessor Supervision of Sample Technician Query

Inspector Assessor Supervision of Sample Technician Query

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Prevailing Wage Changes Tied to Proposition 47

With Proposition 47 passing, Assembly Bill (1506) regarding prevailing wages will be in effect starting April 1, 2003. There is some controversy over whether this extends to all prevailing wage projects or only those that receive Prop 47 funding. There is no question, though, that this requirement will be enforced on all projects receiving Prop. 47 funding that start after April 1st 2003.

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“It doesn’t have to be LBP to be a hazard! Regulations that can lead you astray!”

“It doesn’t have to be LBP to be a hazard! Regulations that can lead you astray! These and other myths surrounding paint and coatings dispelled (or at least discussed)!”

Presented By Michael C. Sharp of Hazard Management Services, Inc.


OSHA regulates lead down to any detectable amount of lead in paint and has no cutoff date concerning when paints no longer might contain lead. This acknowledges that lead is a problem at nearly any level in the paint, yet many regulations are unconcerned if the paint is not LBP!

The belief that non-lead-based paint is safe is a fallacy.

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Why You Must Have A Haz-Mat Inspection of Every Building You Renovate or Demolish – Regardless of Age or Type of Building (or – Construction Myths That Can Lead You Astray – Using Building Age To Determine Presence of Haz-Mat)

The point of this article can be simply stated by looking at regulations:

Federal EPA’s National Emission Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) CFR 40 Chapter 1 Part 61

This regulation requires any building undergoing renovation or demolition (with the exception of residential properties of four units or less that will remain residential property after the renovation/demo activities) to be inspected for asbestos prior to the start of renovation or demolition activities. The only way to comply with this regulation is to sample each material you will disturb or assume each material you will disturb contains asbestos (other than a few non-suspect materials) and handle each material as asbestos-containing until sampled and proven otherwise.

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As many of you are aware, Hazard Management Services, Inc. (HMS, Inc.) has often required vinyl floor tiles (VFTs) to be considered a hazardous waste when they are significantly broken when removed from their substrate. This view has also been adopted by many local Air Pollution Control Districts (APCDs) and Air Quality Management Districts (AQMDs), whose authority includes enforcement of the EPA’s NESHAPs regulation, when mechanical means (riding tractor, air chisels, etc.) are used to lift the tiles. Read more ›

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Window World of St. Louis to Pay $19,529 Penalty for Failure to Notify Owners, Residents of Lead Risks Before Renovation

Release date: 03/31/2011

Contact Information: Chris Whitley, 913-551-7394,

Environmental News


(Kansas City, Kan., March 31, 2011) – Window World of St. Louis, Inc., has agreed to pay a
$19,529 civil penalty to the United States to settle allegations that it failed to notify owners and

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