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Our instructors are respected professionals with years of experience as hazardous materials contractors and consultants. They combine depth of knowledge with practical, tested approaches to real-world problems and concerns.

Many of our courses are taught by teams of two of more instructors, so that students benefit from a variety of perspectives, experiences, and problem-solving approaches.

Michael Sharp

C.E.O. / Director of Training Hazard Management Services, Inc.Modesto
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Biographical Info

Mr. Sharp is the CEO and Director of Training for HMS, Inc. Michael provides training at various HMS, Inc. facilities, as well as throughout the State of California and the Nation. Mr. Sharp has been with HMS, Inc. since its inception in 1984. He has conducted asbestos and lead inspections for more than 30 years. Mr. Sharp is the former Director of Training, as well as an instructor, at UC Berkeley’s Center for Occupation and Environmental Health’s Asbestos and Lead Paint Training Programs (These programs were closed by the University at the end of 2016).

Mr. Sharp, under HMS, Inc. training program teaches all of the initial and refresher AHERA courses (Contractor Supervisor, Building Inspector/Management Planner, Project Designer, and Worker). Mr. Sharp has also developed and conducted asbestos, lead and mold training courses for Architects, Construction Managers, Building Owners and Contractors.

Mr. Sharp graduated from Chico State in June of 1988 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications with an emphasis in database systems. Mr. Sharp has since become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and has designed the inspection and project management databases used in the field by HMS, Inc. personnel.


  • Cal/OSHA Certified Asbestos Consultant
  • California Department of Public Health Certified Instructor
  • CDPH Certified: Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor, Project Supervisor, Project Monitor
  • US EPA Accredited: Building Inspector, Management Planner, Contractor Supervisor, and Project Designer
  • US EPA and Cal/OSHA Accredited Instructor
  • NIOSH 582 (PCM Analysis)