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Jim Sharp Sr

Founder (Retired) Hazard Management Services, Inc.Modesto
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Mr. Sharp worked for seven years with Cal/OSHA Consultation Service in the Fresno office performing industrial hygiene duties, prior to founding HMS, Inc. Before leaving Cal/OSHA, he was instrumental in developing and providing asbestos training seminars for school officials and contractors throughout California. He was on the U.C. Berkeley Extension Advisory Board, and help develop and instruct various asbestos training programs at U.C. Berkeley’s Pacific Asbestos Information Center. He worked for the state of Nevada in their OSHA compliance program for over a year before joining Cal/OSHA in 1979. Previous experience involves 11 years of biological and toxicology research with Shell Development Company. Mr. Sharp earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from CSU, Sacramento.

With his education and regulatory background. Mr. Sharp founded HMS, Inc. and instilled company culture that was based on quality people doing quality work. Mr. Sharp, though retired, continues to conduct in-house training for HMS, Inc. – helping to assure the level of quality (in work and personnel) he established continues at HMS, Inc.