Steven Phillips – CSP

Your class(es) – and your team – have really impressed me, and so I figured that I should let you know in a more tangible way than just a simple handshake and “thank you” as I headed out the door. 


I thought last week’s training went very well. One of our experienced supervisors said it was one of the best “mandatory” refresher trainings he’s had. He especially liked the “Jeopardy” exercise.

AHERA initial certification student

Thank you for the training this week . . . I know I’ve taken a good training when I’m super pumped about asbestos and excited to get back to work and apply the knowledge.

Angela Udovich

The training (and trainer) was superior to previous classes by other vendors, and I had a lot of positive feedback from the guys. …Very unusual for a class like “asbestos cement pipe!” haa

Diana Cox

Mike’s presentation was well received.  All in attendance felt they learned new things and he made the day interactive which was greatly appreciated.

Roy Rittenberg

Thanks again for the training on Asbestos Pipe, Lead etc. I found it very entertaining and informative.

Pedro Tinajero

[Mike Sharp] did an excellent job of keeping the class on topic, while simultaneously allowing for individual expression and sidebar discussions. A delicate balance, which [he] made seem effortless. . . I was impressed by [his] professionalism and breadth of

Chris Bracco

The class yesterday far exceeded my expectations, as always. Mike was a wealth of information.

Madeleine Brodhead

My time was respected and all of the training was useful. Mike is not just an experienced professional but also a very good educator.


We were very pleased with Mike’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge and hope to use him in the future.

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